US 70mm-capable Theatre Listing

Last Updated: December 30, 2022

2001 70mm Theatre List

Full Oppenheimer 70mm and IMAX Theatre List

Full Dunkirk 70mm Theatre List

Full Hateful Eight 70mm Theatre List

See this page for Hateful Eight news and locations. Note that most of these will be temporary installations. This list is for permanent installations only.

Wow. After languishing for years without many updates, this page has become popular over the last couple of weeks due to the potential release of The Master in 70mm. Please send any updates and I will add them ASAP. Let's help to get this released in 70mm! As a reminder, this is for 5-perf 70mm locations only. Not Imax. Not 8/70.

A list of Imax Theatres is here. Look for "1570" in this list to find the "real" Imax houses.

This is an attempt at compiling a list of theatres in the US which are capable of presenting 5-perf 70mm films. For the purposes of this list, special-venue theatres are not considered--only regular, theatrical venues and screening rooms.

These theatres have been submitted since the spring of 1997. Some theatres may have closed or been stripped of their 70mm capability since then. Everything in the "comments" section has been contributed by others; I (snorwood) have no way of verifying the accuracy of most of these comments. This list started as a do-it-yourself web form thing where people could fill in theatres as they pleased, but the list got large enough that it really needed to be sorted by state, and I haven't had time to re-write the original CGI scripts for this new (and much more readable) format. Maybe I'll get a chance to do it someday.

If you have new theatres to submit or updates to the theatres listed here, please send mail to Thanks.

US 70mm releases since 1970. (This is a few years old.)

State City Name Comments
AKAnchorageAlaska Experience TheatreSpecial Venue; 70MM Omnivision 180degree screen 77feet x 41feet x 26 feet deep. Ballantyne 35/70, 6 Track Mag and DTS. 7000watt lamphouse. Technical Contact : Thomas M. Howard 907-301-6285; re-opened in 2008
AKAnchorageFireweed Cinemasnow closed; screen 1; from THX web site
AZPhoenixChristown Cinemasscreen 3; from THX web site; closed and demolished, 2007
AZTucsonCentury Park 16 Theatresnow closed; screen 2; from THX web site
AZTucsonLoft Cinemaequipment installed in 2015
CAAgoura HillsMann 8 Agoura Hillsscreen 1; from THX web site
CAAzusaEdwards Azusa 10Last 70mm show was "Dick Tracy"; equipment is still in place
CABeverly HillsFine Artsnow (11/2008) has DP70s from National in Westwood; run by Michael S. Hall as part of his screening room facilities for film community
CABreaBrea Marketplace Cinemascreen 7; from THX web site; now closed
CABurbankAMC 14planned to be replaced by new stadium complex; now closed/demolished
CABurbankWarner Bros. Studios LotDolby CP-200 (Hot-Roded), 6-4 Track Mag,SR-D,SDDS-8,DTS
CACanoga ParkFallbrook 10 Cinemasnow closed; screen 3; from THX web site
CACentury CityAMC Century 14 Theatrenow closed; screen 1; from THX web site; former CDS house
CACentury CityLoews/Cineplex Century Plaza2 70mm houses; one is THX, one is HPS-4000 (no longer advertises HPS-4000, but may still have it); now closed/demolished
CACerritosGalaxymay have inherited 70mm capability from predecessor UA Twin, Cerritos (?)
CACitrus HeightsGreenback Lanenow closed; screen 5; from THX web site
CACity of IndustryAMC Puente Plaza 10 Cinemanow closed; screen 1; from THX web site
CACity of IndustryMann Puente Hills 6 Theatrenow closed; screen 1; from THX web site
CACorte MaderaCinema TheatreRegular theatre which also does special Lucasfilm screenings.
CAEscondidoEdwards Carousel Cinema 6theatre 1, 35/70, 485 seats, waterfall curtain, now closed
CAFremontFremont Hub Cinemanow closed; torn down in 2004 and replaced with a Petco; screen 1; from THX web site
CAGlendaleGlendale Central 5 Cinemanow closed; screen 5; from THX web site
CAGlendaleMann Glendale Exchange 8now closed; screen 4; from THX web site
CAGranada HillsGranada Hills Cinemanow closed; screen 3; from THX web site
CAHaywardMann Festival Cinemas 9-Plexnow closed; screen 7; from THX web site
CAHollywood areaShowcase 
CAHollywoodCinerama Domecurrently under renovation as of 11/00; former CDS house; Century JJs and platter; now re-opened and multiplexed as "Arclight"; now has 1x Kinoton FP-75E in main house
CAHollywoodEgyptian/American Cinematequesingle-screen art house; twin Norelcos plus Kinoton 16/35; all sound formats incl. DTS 70; original auditorium reduced in size, small screening room added
CAHollywoodEl Capitan Theatrenow (8/2012) has no film capability at all; did have a single JJ; from THX web site
CAHollywoodGalaxy 63 70mm-capable houses; DTS 70; screen 1 THX; now closed
CAHollywoodMann Chinese Theatrescreen 1; from THX web site; DTS 70
CALA areaAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Theatre 
CALA areaFairfax 2now closed
CALA areaUCLA Melnitz Hall Theatre 
CALakewoodPacific Lakewoodlarge screen (original auditorium) is 70mm-capable
CALos AngelesAvco Center Cinemasnow closed; screen 2; from THX web site
CALos AngelesBeverly Center 13now closed; screen 1; not used for 70mm since 1993; screen 2 was equipped until 12/2009 when projector replaced with DLP
CALos AngelesBeverly Connection 6now closed; screen 3&4; from THX web site; former CDS house
CALos AngelesEntertain't Tech'y Ctr1x Kinoton FP-75E-S - Vari speed Fwd/Rev; will follow Sony 9-pin - This is the official Film vs. D-Cinema test site
CALos AngelesFestival Cinemascreen 1; from THX web site; now closed
CALos AngelesLos Angeles County Museum of Art - Bing TheatreDTS, SDDS, SR-D
CALos AngelesMann Bruin Theatrescreen 1; from THX web site
CALos AngelesMann National Theatrescreen 1; from THX web site; DTS 70; now closed and demolished
CALos AngelesRave 19Auditorium 12, aka IMAX auditorium. It also houses a Century 35/70 with SRD, DTS, DTS70, and mag. 70mm screen is 82 feet wide
CAMountain ViewCentury Cinemas 16has one or more 70mm-capable houses
CANewport BeachEdwards Big Newport3 screens are 70mm-capable, including original '60s auditorium; all have mag, DTS, SDDS, SRD; cinema #1 (largest screen west of Mississippi) has Simplex 35/70 with 7kw lamp; cinema #2 (to the right of #1) has a Century JJ with 4kw lamp); cinema #3 (to the left of #1) has a Simplex 35/70 with 4kw lamp; #4-6 use Christie 35mm
CANewport BeachEdwards Island 7across the street from Big Neport; Strong projectors with Strong lamphouses; SDDS
CANorth HollywoodCentury 7 Theatresscreen 2; from THX web site
CAOaklandGrand Lake Theater 
CAOrangeCentury Stadium 25most likely inherited 70mm capability from predecessor Cinedome (?)
CAPalm SpringsPalm Springs Festival of Arts Cinemas (Camelot)screen 1; DTS 70; SDDS; Dolby Digital; QSC amps; JBL speakers, surrounds and subs; 2 Norelco 35/70; 1 Kinoton 16/35; AW3 platter
CAPasadenaHastingsnow closed; large screen (original auditorium) is 70mm-capable
CAPasadenaPasadena Marketplace Cinemanow closed; screen 4; from THX web site
CAPleasant HillCentury 21 Theatrenow a 5-plex; original auditorium is 35/70 with Century JJ; closed and demolished in 5/2013
CARiversidePark Sierranow closed
CASacramentoCentury Complexat least 4 auditoriums are 70mm-capable
CASacramentoPlaza 7now all digital (8/2015); prev. Century JJ
CASacramentoTower Theatrebiggest auditorium is 70mm-capable; now all digital (8/2015)
CASan DiegoMann 9 College Grovescreen 2; from THX web site; now closed
CASan DiegoUA Horton Plazano longer 70mm equipped; AAII replaced by Christie 35mm (now maybe DLP)
CASan Francisco (Japantown)Sundance (formerly AMC) Kabuki 8 Theatresscreen 1; from THX web site
CASan FranciscoAlhambranow a fitness center; 70mm installed by Disney for Roger Rabbit
CASan FranciscoCastro Theatrehas DTS capability, but cannot currently (8/2012) show mag)
CASan FranciscoCinema 21 Theatrenow closed; screen 1; from THX web site
CASan FranciscoCoronetnow closed (demolished in 2007); one of most popular movie houses in CA; 1200-seat single-screen; now closed
CASan Francisco(Alamo) New Missionequipped with 70mm(change-over) capability, and regularly runs both new & retro-releases; has mag sound capability, but it has not been used recently
CASan FranciscoParksidenow closed
CASan FranciscoUA Alexandrianow closed; screen 1
CASan FranciscoUA Galaxy Cinemanow closed; screen 1 and 2; from THX web site; former CDS house
CASan FranciscoUA Metronow closed; single screen
CASan JoseAMC Town and Countrynow closed (and since demolished); screen 1; Cinemeccanica V8; Ampex tube amps
CASan JoseCalifornia Theatrenewly restored as of 2005
CASan JoseCentury 2135/70mm projector (Century JJ); all of the Century 21-25 theatres (except Century 25 "A") have 70mm capability, with JJs and CP-200s (Century 25B has a CP-100); now closed (8/2015) and 24 and 25 have been demolished; 21 will be preserved, but is gutted; 22 and 23 are slated for demolition
CASan JoseCentury Berryessa 10used to have 70mm in #2 and #9 (might still be so equipped); #2 is THX certified; closed as of 10/2009 (building possibly still standing)
CASan PedroWarner Grand Theatrebuilt by the warner bros,grand opening january,20 1931 first movie shown, "laugh riot " starring Joe e. Brown we now have norelco 35/70 16mm b&h high intensity arc
CASan RafaelNorthgate Theatrein Northgate shopping center; built as D-150 house; now closed and replaced with shops; 70mm equipment moved to Cinema One in Marin
CASan RafaelRegency Theatrescreens 1 and 2
CASan RamonMann Crow Canyon Cinemas 6-Plexscreen 1; from THX web site
CASanta AnaAMC Main Place 6 Theatresscreen 5; from THX web site; former CDS house (no longer AMC?)
CASanta ClaraCinema 150was located on El Camino Real, exact address unknown; as you can see from the name, it was a D-150 house; demolished in 1993
CASanta MonicaAero Theatrethe American Cinematheque has taken this theatre over and will reopen in January, 2005 with a schedule including a 70mm print of "Valmont"
CASanta MonicaLC Broadway 41 screen
CASanta MonicaMann Criterion 6 Theatre2 70mm-capable screens (?); former CDS house
CASanta MonicaScreening Roomfrom THX web site
CASherman OaksSherman Oaks Cinema 1 & 2screen 1; from THX web site
CAThousand OaksUA Movies, Thousand Oaks (Oaks Mall Cinema)now closed; replaced by Muvico multiplex;screen 2; from THX web site
CATorranceMann Del Amo 9screen 5; from THX web site
CAUniversal CityLoews Cineplex Universal CIty4 screens
CAWest CovinaEastland 
CAWest LALaemmle's Royal Theatre 
CAWestwood (LA)Avco 4all 4 screens
CAWestwood (LA)Majestic Crest 
CAWestwood (LA)Regent Theatre (Westwood)formerly Mann, now Landmark
CAWestwood (LA)UA Westwoodall 3; former CDS house; now closed
CAWestwoodMann PlazaDTS 70
CAWestwoodMann VillageDTS 70
COAuroraUA Continental70mm status unknown
COBoulderUA Villiageran "Hoffa" in 70mm; equipment still in place; closed January 2007, projectors sent to company warehouse, building turned into a grocery store
CODenverLandmark Esquire Theatreran Hamlet in 70mm; last 70mm was 2001 (in 2002); built in 1927 as the Hiawatha Theatre; SDDS equipped but no longer used; now SRD w/Ultra Stereo
CODenverUA Greenwood 123 screens; #4,6,9
CTGreenwichCrown Plaza Theater 
CTHartfordCinestudioon the campus of Trinity College. Old style movie theater
CTNew YorkCrown Gotham Cinemanow closed (3/01); 5 Channel Screen System plus four 4675 SUB's
CTStamfordCrown Majesticfull 6 channel 70mm capabilty, 8 channel SDDS
CTStamfordCrown Ridgeway Theaternow closed
CTWest HartfordCrown Odyssey TheatreKinoton 1x MP-75E (8/70, 5/70, 4/35) No mag. Giant curved screen; now Apple Cinemas - Hartford Xtreme - 70mm status unknown
DCWashingtonAMC Union Stationnow closed
DCWashingtonCO Avalon Theaterclosed by CO, reopened as independent; 70mm equipment has reportedly been removed
DCWashingtonCO Uptown Theater2x adapted/converted Century Cinerama DD projectors; 35/70 capability removed 2011, replaced with DLP
DCWashingtonLCE Cinemanow closed; Single with a pair of AA-II and an 18 x 40' screen
DCWashingtonLibrary of Congress - Pickford Screening Room 
DCWashingtonMPAA Screening Room(full 8-channel room); now has a Barco DLP projector; former Century JJs have been removed, but are in storage on property
DCWashingtonNCTA screening roomtwo DP-75 with CP-200 and THX certified
DCWashingtonNational Air and Space Museum - Langley Theatre 
DCWashingtonWisconsin Ave. Theatresnow closed; screen 4 and 5; from THX web site
FLBoca RatonRegal Shadowood 16Initially a Wometco theater, it was purchased by Cobb in the 90s, and eventually taken over by Regal Cinemas. This cinema is equipped with one 70mm projector, last used in 1996 for the restoration of "Vertigo.
FLCoral SpringsCoral Square Cinema 8screen 4; from THX web site
FLFt. LauderdaleCoral Ridge 10 Theatresscreen 5; from THX web site
FLJupiterCrown Odyssey Theatrenow closed; Kinoton 1x MP-75E (8/70, 5/70, 4/35) No mag. Giant curved screen
FLMiamiGeneral Cinema Miracle Center 10now closed; screen 4; Cinemeccanica V-8
FLMiamiwometco 163 rd st 
FLN. Miami BeachRegal California ClubCentury JJ
FLOrlandoGeneral Cinema Fashion Square 6now closed; Cinemeccanica V-8's
FLPlantationGeneral Cinema Fountains 8snow closed; creen 8; Cinemeccanica V-8
FLSt. PetersburgAMC Crossroadsnow closed; screen 1; from THX web site
FLWinter ParkWometco Park 11 Theatresnow closed; screen 2; from THX web site
GAAtlantaCinefesttheatre at Georgia State University; open as of 8/2015
GAAtlantaFox Theateropen as of 8/2015; upscale historic venue
GAAtlantaTaraopen as of 8/2015 - plays mostly independent titles
GABrookhavenCinebistro at Town BrookhavenAcquired for "Interstellar". May be temporary.
HIHonoluluKahala 1DTS digital, Dolby Digital, HPS-4000 sound
HIHonoluluWaikiki 1closed in Nov. 2002; demolished in April 2005; SDDS (8-track) with Dolby EX adapter capable of EX playback; HPS-4000 sound
HIHonoluluWaikiki 2closed in Nov. 2002; demolished in April 2005; Dolby Digital EX, SDDS (8-track), HPS-4000 sound
HIHonoluluWaikiki 3closed in Nov. 2002; demolished in April 2005; DTS digital, Dolby Digital, HPS-4000 sound
IADes MoinesMerle Hay Mall Cinemanow closed (12/16/14)
IDBoiseEgyptian TheatreWonderfully restored Egyptian Theatre you have to see to believe! Twin Simplex 35/70's on consoles and can and has run 70mm c/o. AW-3, CP-500 processor.
ILChampaignVirginia Theatretwin DP-70s
ILChicagoMcClurg Court Cinemanow closed; screen 1; from THX web site
ILChicagoMusic Box2x Century JJs, DTS, mag, no LE/RE.
ILChicagoNavy Pier IMAXconventional 35/70 for late shows (operated by CO)
ILChicagoRiver Oaksauditorium 9
ILElginElgin FoxTHX,5 front channels,THX,Screen reversal,CP-200,SRD,DTS
ILHinsdaleHinsdale Theatreclosed and converted to retail space; equipment and organ are gone; Twin AA-II's!; has one of the finest pipe organs in the US; 38+ ranks and 2x 20' Bombarde sections
ILLombardYorktown Cinemascreen 1; from THX web site
ILWoodridgeWoodgrove Festival Cinemascreen 4; from THX web site (no longer THX certified)
INFort WayneHoliday 1now closed and demolished; Dolby 6 track, no digital
INIndianapolisImax 3D / White River State ParkIMAX and 5-perf 70 capability; Norelco Todd-AO projector (35mm, too)
KSOverland ParkDickinson Glenwood Theatreclosed in 2000 after becoming a Goodrich house; now demolished; formerly had Norelco DP75s; screen 1;816-seat auditorium, deeply curved screen; later 2x 35/70 JJs; Dolby Digital; A2X stage speakers
KSOverland ParkGlenwood Arts Theatre2 35/70 Century Projectors; operated by the fine arts theatre group
KSOverland ParkLeawood Theatres (formerly Ranch Mart theatres)1 35/70 Century Projector, 4kw lamp; operated by the fine arts theatre group
LAKennerEsplanade Mall Cinemanow (12/2015) all digital without film capability; screen 4; from THX web site
MABostonCharlesnow closed
MABostonCopley Placenow closed; screen 2 is 70mm capable according to Dolby (?)
MABostonSony CheriNow closed (11/01); formerly Norelco AA-II in screen 1; last 70mm show was "Wolf"
MABostonWang Center2012 update: projectors de-installed; former Metropolitan Theater, now primarily a live-performance venue. Runs a classic film series periodically. Twin AA-II prjectors, CP-200, etc.
MABraintreeGCC Braintreescreen 5 -- V8; not sure if they have ever run 70mm
MABrooklineCoolidge Corner Moviehousescreen 1 on main floor; twin AA-II's! new sound system installed summer 2003; no mag capability at present (2012)
MACambridgeSony Harvard Squarenow closed (July 2012); screen 1 - Norelco AA-II (replaced by a 35mm-only Century, summer 2002 - no longer 70mm capable)
MAChestnut HillGCC Chestnut Hillnow closed; screen 1 - Century JJ, CP200, DTS, Dolby EX, AW3, THX etc.; last 70mm show was "Hoffa."
MADedhamShowcasenow closed; new theatre on nearby site has replaced it; screen 1 according to Dolby (?)
MARevereShowcasescreen 2 according to Dolby (?)
MASomervilleSomerville Theatretwin AA-IIs installed in 2009 on main screen; 70mm sound system (DTS and mag) accommodates all 70mm formats (except CDS)
MAWorcesterWorcester Polytechnic InstituteTwin 35/70mm Norelco AAIIs -
MD Crown Harbour 9screens 1 and 2; now closed (June, 2021)
MD LCE Montgomery Mallscreen 1; now closed (first in 2014, re-opened by Arclight, re-closed in 2020)
MD LCE Rio1-screen; now AMC Dine-In Rio Cinemas 18; 70mm status unknown
MDBaltimoreGCC Security Square 8screen 1; Theatre #1 is THX-certified, with 70mm projection. Several other screens were also THX-certified when this 8-screen complex opened in 1987. At least two screens recently equipped for Dolby Digital.; now AMC Security Square 8; renovated 2016; 70mm status unknown
MDBaltimoreSenatorhas re-opened after closure in 2012, but 70mm capability is unknown at this time (8/2015); 1 Bauer U-2 and 1 Simplex XL (35), A magnificent art deco masterpiece! The 900-seat theatre has complemented its 8-channel SDDS system with new superwoofers and amplifiers, as well as Dolby Surround-EX. Please visit the Senator's website at:
MDSilver SpringAFI Silver TheatreKinoton 2x FP-75E (including 2 proj. 3-D) web site here
MIAnn ArborMichigan TheaterMovie palace, built 1928, now non-profit. Installed 70mm for restored "Lawrence of Arabia" in 1989.
MIDetroitFox TheatreCinemeccanica V10s
MIDetroitMain Art 
MIDetroitRedford Theatre2x AA-IIs, originally from the Summit Theatre in Detroit
MISaginawTemple TheatreCinemeccanica V10s, Ashcraft carbon lamps, Dolby CP-200 with SR capability, DTS-6AD with Bi-amplified stage channels also 16mm
MNBloomingtonGCC Mall of America 14 Cinemasscreens 4 and 12; never ran 70mm other than test loops; film capability now removed in both houses
MNColumbia Heights (suburb of MPLS)HeightsIndependent single screen built in 20's Noreclo AA2; CP200 with DTS 70mm
MNEdinaCentennial Lakes 8 Cinemanow closed; was V8/CP200/Christie platterscreen 7; from THX web site
MNPlymouthWillow Creek 12no 70mm bookings since 1994, but Simplex 35/70 is well maintained; now fully digital (projector still there, but not installed); screened Interstellar in 70mm (2014)
MNRochesterCinemagic Hollywood Stadium 1235/70 Century on largest screen; never ran 70mm; now likely digital-only; 340 seats; curved screen is 21x49'; opened June 2002
MNRosevilleHar Mar Cinemanow closed; was Century with AW3 and CP100; screen 1; from THX web site
MOChesterfieldClarkson 6 Cinemanow closed and demolished; screen 1; from THX web site
MOIndependenceEnglewood Theatre2x AA-II with ORC 4000 lamps; DTS digital, Academy mono. Only theatre in the country with Altec A1X speakers
MOKansas CityAMC Metro North Plaza 6now closed; had one 35/70 Century, but never ran 70mm
MOKansas CityAMC Oak Park Plaza 6now closed and demolished
MOKansas CityAMC Parkway 14 
MOSpringfieldSpringfield 11 (fmr. Goodrich 8)still 70mm equipped? D-cinema on all screens as of 9/2012; formerly the Dickinson 8; has two Norelco 35/70 projectors; only 70mm theatre in SW Missouri
MTMissoulaWilma Theatre 
NCMatthewsMatthews Festival 10screens 5 and 6; from THX web site; 35/70 Strong projectors, THX; originally built by CO, acquired by Carmike; last 70mm was Dances with Wolves (?); closed and gutted in early 2000s by Carmike; now re-opened as a Peak Fitness center
NCWinston-SalemACE Theatre, School of the Arts 
NDFargoFargo TheaterHistoric theater run by arts group; CP500, but no MPU (as of 2012)
NEOmahaIndian Hills 4closed in demolished in 2001; screen 2; currently closed, but likely to reopen spring 2001
NHKeenePutnam Theatre 
NJBridgewaterBridgewater Commonsno longer 70mm capabile; had Cinemeccanica V8 in cinema 2
NJParamusCO Route 17 Triplexnow closed; at least 1 out of 3 screens 70mm equipped
NJParamusCO Route 4 Tenplexnow closed; at least two 70mm screens
NJPatersonFabiantheatre gutted, building still stands (2014)
NJPennsaukenUA Pennsaukennow closed; screen 1
NJRidgefield ParkSony Ridgefield Parknow digita; formerly at least one out of ten screens 70mm equipped
NJSayrevilleNA Amboy Multiplex Cinemasnow closed; at least 1 70mm screen; "Hey Girls, Bon Jovi saw movies there!"
NJSecaucusSony Meadow Plaza Sixnow closed; at least one out of eight screens 70mm equipped; one of 2 theatres to run Star Wars in DLP in 1998
NJUpper MontclairBellevuetheatre now sub-divided (2014)
NJWayneSony Theatres Wayneat least one out of eight screens 70mm equipped; converted to D-cinema, no film equipment retained (as of 9/2015)
NJWest OrangeEssex Greenno longer 70mm capable; at least 1 70mm screen
NYAlbanyCrossgates CinemaHouse 4 Century JJ CP-500, Not to be confused with the new 18 plex at the other end of the mall, do not know if it made the move; opened with a magenta print of 2001 in 1984, had an out-of-focus print of Star Trek 3
NYAmherstUniversity Cinemanow closed after AMC purchased GCC; a restaurant has been built in its placescreen 5; from THX web site
NYBay ShoreLowesnow closed
NYBrookhavenNA Brookhaven Multiplex Cinemasat least two 70mm screens
NYCheektoagaThruway Mall Cinemanow closed; screen 6; from THX web site
NYCommackNA Commack Multiplex Cinemasnow closed; at least two 70mm screens
NYGarden CitySony Roosevelt Fieldat least two 70mm screens
NYHicksvilleMid Plaza Cinema Sixnow closed and demolishedat least one 70mm screen
NYIslipOdeon Islipnow triplexed, likely no more 70mm
NYLevittownSony Nassau Sixplexnow a 10 plex; likely no more 70mm; previously at least 2 out of 6 screens 70mm equipped
NYNYCAmerican Museum of the Moving Imagein Astoria, Queens; has regular 70mm screenings
NYNYCAvery Fischer Hall, Lincoln CenterPart time single screen. First 70mm DTS showing of "Vertigo," which went to the Ziegfeld two days later
NYNYCCO Bay Cinemanow closed and torn down; screen 1; Loews Kips Bay 15 now at same location
NYNYCCO Beekmanclosed and demolished in 2005; screen 1
NYNYCCO Coronet/Baronet1 Coronet, 2 Baronet;Coronet screen is larger, and one of the better theaters in midtown; now closed and demolished (in 2002)
NYNYCCO First and 62ndscreen 1; now closed (in 2013)
NYNYCCO Fortway Fiveplexnow closed; 1 of 5 screens 70mm equipped
NYNYCCO Fresh Meadows Cinemasat least one 70mm screen (probably no longer equipped 11/2016)
NYNYCCO Kingsway Fiveplex1 of 10 screens 70mm equipped (now closed; torn down in 2001)
NYNYCCO National Twinnow closed; screens 1 and 2; High profile premiere theater, often used in TV and film. "Last Action Hero" climax filmed there
NYNYCCO Regencynow closed...a Victoria's Secret store now occupies the space; screen 1
NYNYCCO Worldwidenow closed; building currently houses New World Stages for live shows (11/2016)
NYNYCCineplex Odeon ZiegfeldSingle screen premiere theater; By far, the most popular World Premiere Theater on the East Coast. Equipped with 70mm Dolby SR, 70mm/35mm DTS, Dolby Digital, and was one of the few 70mm CDS sites; now owned by Clearview Cinemas; closed as of 2/2016 and now an event ballroom
NYNYCCinepolis Chelsea Cinemas2 of 9 screens 70mm equipped;Both 70mm screens were THX when complex opened in 1989
NYNYCCity Cinemas 86th Streetnow closed; screened Dunkirk, H8 in 70mm
NYNYCCity Cinemas 57th Street Playhousenow run by the DGA as the "DGA Theatre"single screen premiere site; 57th street location has it near all those funny theme restaurants, like the original Hard Rock Cafe.
NYNYCCity Cinemas Beekman One and Two (ex Sony New York Twin)now closed 8/26/2019; Both screens 70mm equipped. Conservative look fits in with upper east side location.
NYNYCCity Cinemas Cinema 1,2,3two (1&2) 70mm equipped; Cinema I is the largest screen (over 500 seats) and has stadium seated style incline. Cinema I screen is a popular premiere site. This screen is also the only one in the world (not true?) that showed "Heaven's Gate" to the public (in 70mm?), albeit for only two days (?); cinema 3 never played a 70mm film, possibly never equipped
NYNYCCity Cinemas Parisnow owned by Netflix; Single screen premiere theater; Century 35/70 and platters; also 35mm-only; Usually shows art-house, recently showcased "Hamlet" in 70mm; has not played 70mm since at least 2015
NYNYCCity Cinemas Sutton I & IInow closed and demolished; both 70mm equipped.
NYNYCCrown Gothamnow closed 3/2001; soon to be closed (info. as of 12/13/00); Single screen premiere theater. One of the few theaters left with a balcony.
NYNYCGCC Bay Plaza 10now AMC Bay Plaza 13; has not played 70mm at least since 2015; 1 out of 10 screens 70mm equipped; 70mm screen THX certified
NYNYCGramercy theaterin Manhattan; now closed and exists as a performance space (11/2016)
NYNYCGuild 50th streetnow closed; Single screen premiere theater. On TV frequently due to location in heart of Rockefeller Center.
NYNYCGuild Embassy II, III & IVnow closed; screens II, III & IV
NYNYCGuild Embassynow closed; Single screen premiere theater; older Times Square Theater
NYNYCAMC Lincoln Square - Loews Auditorium 1 of 9 feature screens ("Kings Auditorium #2)70mm equipped; complex also features one IMAX 3-D screen.
NYNYCAMC 84th Street 6Three of six screens 70mm equipped; first to showcase digital sound in NY with 70mm CDS release of "Dick Tracy." Also one of two NY theaters to show "Last Action Hero" in SDDS; possibly no longer 70mm equipped
NYNYCLoews Astor Plazanow closed and called the Play Station Theatre for live events; ran Titanic in 70mm; Single screen premiere theater;Over 1,500 seats, most in NY. Theater is built under Times Square.
NYNYCLoews Lincoln Square IMAX auditoriumIMAX and 5-perf 70
NYNYCAMC Orpheum VIIat least two 70mm screens; one 70mm screen (#7) is/was THX certified; possibly no longer 70mm equipped
NYNYCLoews Village VIIat least one 70mm screen; 70mm screen (#3) is/was THX certified, gave NY's first THX-SDDS show with "Last Action Hero."
NYNYCMuseum of Natural History IMAX Theatersingle screen
NYNYCNew Amsterdam TheaterPart time single screen. New Disney Theater for live shows and special film engagements. "Hercules" is due there, probably in 70mm interlocked to 35mm Dolby Digital.
NYNYCRadio City Music HallPart time single screen. Special engagements are shown here, usually in 70mm. Over 5000 seats. Most notable engagements include silent epic "Napoleon" with live orchestra. Has shown 70mm versions of Disney animated musicals interlocked with 35mm Dolby Digital.
NYNYCReading/City Cinemas Village EastPlayed Hateful Eight in 70mm
NYNYCRegal E-WalkPlayed Dunkirk and Hateful Eight in 70mm
NYNYCRivolinow closed and demolished
NYNYCAMC 19th Street East VIat least one 70mm screen
NYNYCSony 34th Street Eastnow closed; all three screens 70mm equipped
NYNYCUA 64th and 2nd Ave (formerly Gemini Twin)screens 1 and 2; popular test site for new formats. First site on East Coast to showcase 35mm digital (CDS). Among first theaters to showcase Dolby Digital and SDDS. Both screens equipped with 70mm Dolby SR, DTS, Dolby Digital and SDDS. Was equipped with both 70mm and 35mm Cinema Digital Sound; now closed (in 2012)
NYNYCUA Criterion Centrenow closed; 2 of 6 screens 70mm equipped; Located in heart of Times Square, Screen 1 has over 1000 seats.
NYNYCUA East 85th Streetnow closed (4/2012); single-screen
NYNYCUA Movies at Staten Island2 of 10 screens 70mm equipped
NYNYCVilliage Theatre VIIscreen 3; from THX web site
NYNYCWalter Reade Theatreran 2001 a few years ago
NYNiskayunaMohawk Mall Cinemanow closed
NYPeekskillParamount Center For The Artshas a pair of Norelco DP70s
NYRochesterKodak Theater on the Ridge, Building 28Pair of Norelco AAII projectors, 35/70mm mag, no platters, auditorium seats over 2000, projectors saved from the Rochester Riviera Theatre before it was demolished, contact
NYRochesterLoews Pittsford 3no longer 70mm equipped as of 10/2012; screen 3 (rear stand-alone theatre); Century JJ projector, Christie 35/70 platter, Dolby analog, nice large single-screen auditorium. Submitted by
NYRochesterMarket Place Mall Cinemanow closed; screen 1; from THX web site
NYRochesterPittsford Plaza Cinemanow closed; screen 3; from THX web site
NYRochesterSony Webstercp65 sdds le/re norelco proj.
NYSchenectadyMohamk Mall CinemasI used to be a projectionist there about 8 years ago ... Not sure if they still have the capability. At that time they had two projectors with a changeover system, but were thinking of adding a platter to that screen.
NYSyossetSyossetnow closed/demolished; first theatre bult specifically for Cinerama in US
NYSyracuseHoyts Carousel 19two screens with AW3s and JJs.
NYUticaCinema New Hartfordnow closed (?); once was 70mm equipped
NYUticaUptownno longer 70mm equipped; had a pair of Bauer U2 that were installed around 1959-1960. The theatre was tripled in the early 90's and the Bauersremoved somthing around 2000
NYValley StreamCO Fantasy Cinemasat least one 70mm screen
NYValley StreamNA Sunrise Multiplex Cinemasat least two 70mm screens
NYWoodburyUA Cinema 150now closed and demolished
NYYonkersGCC Central Plaza 4at least one 70mm screen
OHCincinnatiShowcase Cincinnatiwas THX certified, but not advertised. Showed HOFFA in 70mm
OHCleveland HeightsSeverance Moviesscreen 2; from THX web site
OHClevelandCWRU Film Societynow using Century JJ's (replaced Bauer U-2 projectors); Ultra Stereo CS-200, soon to be replaced with Dolby CP200;
OHClevelandLandmark Centrum Theatrenow closed; screen 1;
OHColumbusAMC Dublin 18open but 70mm removed -1 Cinemeccanica V-8
OHColumbusAMC Dublin Villiage 18 
OHColumbusAmeriflora '92 / World Song Theater1 Ballentyne 70, magnetic sound, Dolby SR
OHColumbusCOSIopen/now digital - Iweks/Ballentyne 70
OHColumbusCinema Eastclosed/demolished - 2 Norelco DP70
OHColumbusContinent Cinemasopen but 70mm removed - 1 Ballatyne 35/70
OHColumbusEastland Cinemaclosed - 2 Norelco DP70
OHColumbusGateway Film CenterNew - open and running (4/2016) - 1 Simplex 70, Christie platter, DTS & magnetic sound
OHColumbusGeneral Cineam Northland1 Cinemeccanica V8
OHColumbusHunts Cinestageclosed/demolished 2 Norelco Dp70 ? the ToddAO house
OHColumbusLoews Arlington1 Century JJ (projector moved from the Morse Road theater after it closed)
OHColumbusLoews Morse Road2 Century JJ
OHColumbusMarcus Cinemas 17Imax theatre-Installed 3/99. Looks to be an older Century model. No plans for use yet.
OHColumbusNorthland Cinemaclosed/demolished - 2 Norelco DP70
OHColumbusNorthland Cinemanow closed; screen 1; from THX web site
OHColumbusOSU Wexner Center for the Artsopen and running (4/2016) - 2 Kinoton DP-70/FP18 35/70/16, DTS & magnetic sound
OHColumbusRKO Grand Cineramaclosed/demolished - 2 Century JJ installed after 3 strip Cinerama was removed
OHColumbusSony Continentnow closed
OHColumbusThe Main Theatreclosed - 2 Norelco DP70
OHColumbusWexner Center Film & Video Theater 2 Kinotons with 16mm, 35mm and 70mm capability
OHColumbusWyandot Lake Parkopen but film attraction removed - 1 Ballatyne 70 - Cinema 180
OHDaytonDayton MallBeautiful 1100 seat theater...see this if you go to Dayton to see Cinerama (obsolete entry; see New Neon info); now closed
OHDaytonNew Neon Moviesnow twinned; too small to be useful for 70mm, if still equipped; formerly equipped for Cinerama in late '90s
OHYoungstownCinema Southscreen 1; from THX web site
OKBroken ArrowMotion Picture Projection Services screening room ("Bijou")Norleco AAII 35/70 projectors and SRD
OKOklahoma CityAMC Memorial Square 8now closed; 1 out of 8 screens 70mm equipped; 70mm screen also has Dolby Digital and SDDS; complex overall: 1x70mm, 1xSR-D, 3xSDDS
OKOklahoma CityPenn Square Mall 10screen 10; 70mm screen was THX certified (is no longer, but equipment is in place) and has DTS (also in 35mm-only #9 and #3); formerly operated by GCC, now operated by Dickinson
ORPortland82nd Avenue Cinemasscreen 1; from THX web site
ORPortlandBroadway Theatrenow closed; screen 1
ORPortlandEastgate Tri-cinemasnow closed, but may re-open; screens 1 and 2; Norelco AA-IIs; Regal Cinemas, THX, SDDS, SR-D, DTS, 1200 seats. # 2-Dolby, DTS, 500 seats.
ORPortlandHollywood TheatreDP-70 sn 915 and 917, 4kW Super 80s; Dolby CP-200 with aux rack and DA-20 upgrades; 5 biamped screen channels with subs and 70mm split surround capability; SR capability on all channels for mag. Dolby Model 363 (3) that switch on the fly; Teccon heads; 2x DTS XD10 for 70mm; 2.76:1 screen; semi-regular 70mm screenings (as of 9/2015)
ORPortlandLloyd's Cinemascreen 1
ORSalemSalem Center Movielandno longer 70mm capable (now called Cinebarre); screen 1; from THX web site; no longer 70mm equipped (equipment removed but still on site, with no plans to re-install)
ORSalemSalem Center Movielandscreen 3; from THX web site
ORTigardTigard Cinemasscreen 1; from THX web site
PAErieWarner TheatreNorelco AA-IIs with Super Cinex lamps; equipment is operational, but films are rarely shown; currently owned by city Civic Authority and used as convention and concert venue
PAPhiladelphiaEric Mark 11800 Walnut st.; now closed
PAPhiladelphiaSameric 3screen 1; now closed
PAPhiladelphiaUA RiverviewTAP Certified
PAPittsburghByham (fmr. Fulton)mag sound only
TNMemphisMalco Paradiso Theatreno longer 70mm equipped; Kinoton 1x MP-75E (8/70, 5/70, 4/35) No mag. Giant (50' H) screen
TNNashvilleFountain Square 14now closed; screen 7&8; from THX web site
TXAustinAlamo Drafthouse Ritz70mm festival scheduled for 2012; now closed (March 2021)
TXAustinArbor Cinema2 screens; from THX web site; now closed
TXAustinGCC Great Hills Cinema 8closed as of 10/5/00; screen 1; from THX web site
TXAustinGCC Highland Cinema 8 closed as of 10/5/00 screen 5; from THX web site; as of 7/02 - reopened with new owner ("Entertainment Film Works?"), probably no longer THX; now Galaxy Theatres - 70mm equipped at some point before 10/2019 (screened Jaker and Tenet in 70mm)
TXAustinLincoln Theatrescreen 3; from THX web site; now closed
TXAustinParamount1200-seat single-screen, built 1915, converted from Century Cs to JJs in 1999; shows films May-Sept and special engagements; capable of 24fps, 30fps, and variable speed
TXDallasAMC Glen Lakesnow closed; 2 out of 8 screens 70mm equipped; Complex overall: 2x70mm, 1xDTS, 8xSDDS, 8xHigh Impact Theater; CP200, no aux rack
TXDallasFilm-Tech Screening Room70mm Dolby A and SR magnetic...35 and 70mm DTS digital...35mm Dolby A and SR magnetic...35mm Dolby A and SR optical...35mm DTS SRD, SDDS, and CDS (!) digital.
TXDallasGCC Northpark 3-4now closed; screens 3 and 4; #3 also features DTS and SRD
TXDallasGCC Northpark West Cinema 1 & 2closed as of fall 1998; screen 1; from THX web site;SRD and probably DTS; #1 has ~1100 seats, considered to be one of the best in the US. #1 is THX certified, 70mm/35mm DTS and 35mm Dolby Digital equipped. #2 is DTS and HPS-4000 equipped. #1 was 2nd THX screen built after GCC Avco in LA. Sound system personally commissioned and designed by Tomlinson Holman. Sad note: theater may be demolished in a few months to make room for Northpark Mall expansion (update: the building is now gone).
TXDallasGranada Prestonwood Movie Grillpreviously the UA Prestonwood 5; screens 1&2-SRD/DTS/70mm, screen 3 SRD/DTS, screens 4-5-DTS
TXDallasLandmark/Goldwyn Inwood Theater1 out of 3 screens 70mm equipped; 70mm screen also has Dolby Digital
TXDallasSony Park-Centralnow closed; 1 out of 4 screens 70mm equipped; Also SDDS-8 equipped; the JJ-2 from here is apparently now located at the LCE Keystone park, not in use...mag heads are apparently missing
TXDallasUA Cinenow closed; 1 out of 2 screens 70mm equipped; 70mm system may be dismantled; Complex overall: 70mm house has SDDS
TXDallasUA South 8closed as of 1997; 1 out of 8 screens 70mm equipped; THX certified; complex overall: 2xTHX, 2xSDDS, 1x70mm
TXDallasUA United Artistsnow closed (as of 12/04) and soon to be a church;3 out of 8 screens 70mm equipped; the 3 70mm screens are THX; complex overall: 4xTHX, 3x70mm, 1xDTS, 4xSDDS, 1xSR-D
TXDallasUA Walnut Hill 6 (Bargain)now closed; 1 out of 6 screens 70mm equipped; THX certified; complex overall: 1xTHX, 1x70mm
TXFt. WorthUA Bowenscreen 5; CP200 removed; has not run 70mm since early '90s
TXGalvestonMoody Gardens 3D Imax3D Imax theater occasionally shows 5/70 films
TXGarlandUA Northstar 81 out of 8 (#5) screens 70mm equipped; THX certified; Complex overall: 2xTHX, 2xSDDS, 1x70mm
TXHoustonCineplex Odeon Spectrum3 screens 70mm/THX; now closed
TXMesquiteGCC Town East 5now closed; screen 1; THX certified, also features DTS
TXMesquiteTown East Mall Cinemanow closed; screen 1; from THX web site
TXPlanoPreston Park 6now closed; screen 2; from THX web site
TXPlanoSony Preston-Parknow closed; 1 out of 6 screens 70mm equipped; THX certified, also SDDS-8
TXPlanoUnited Artists Berkley Square 8now the "Studio Movie Grill"; no longer 70mm capabile; formerly--screen 5; Century JJ, with THX,SDDS,DTS,CP-200 with SR
TXPlanoZipporamaJim Zippo private screening room. 70mm mag-35mm Dolby A, SR, DTS. Cinemacannica V-10 projectors
TXSan AntonioBandera 6 Theatrescreen 4; from THX web site
TXSan AntonioEmbassy 14 Theatrescreen 8; from THX web site
TXSan AntonioGalaxy 14 Theatres3 screens; from THX web site
UT Holiday Cinemas 6 (ex-CO)Simplex 35/70, CP-200, 5 full screen channels. DTS equipped. Setup for mag. Strong Platter
UT Providence Stadium 8 Theatres3- DP-70's. Theatre one has 5- 3-way screen channels!! Sony 3000 processors in these houses, DTS 6D. AW-3's
UT St. George Stadium 83- DP-70. 1, 5, and 6. Sony 3000 processors here too DTS 6D. Theatre one has 5 screen channels. AW-3's
UT Stadium 8 Washington(opening for November, 2004) 2 largest screens there to be fully 70mm capable and will be equipped with Century JJ's from the now closed Trolley Corners Theatre in SLC. The large screen to be equipped with two JJ's for running 70mm c/o. Panastereo processors, DTS XD-10's. AW-3's
UT Thanksgiving Point Stadium 8Any of the 8 screens can easily be set up for 70mm in a matter of an hour or so for DTS 70mm, a bit longer for mag. All 8 are DP-70's! Panastereo processors with DTS 6D players. So thats an easy one to run 70mm at on any screen even on a very short notice. Speco Platters
UTSalt Lake CityVilla Theatrenow closed and converting to a rug showroom;DP-70, CP200, DA20, DTS, AW3; all 3-strip Cinerama booths and ports remain; 93ft. Cinerama screen
VA LCE Shirlington 735mm only/no 70mm capability as of 8/2012; formerly (?) screen 1
VA NA Lee Highway2 screens
VA NA Mt. Vernon2 screens
VACentervilleNA Centerville1 screen
VACulpepperLibrary of Congress 
VANorfolkNaro Expanded Cinema 
VAPortsmouthCommodore Theatreno longer 70mm equipped?; from THX web site
VARestonNA Reston2 screens
VARichmondCoverleaf 8screens 3 and 6; now closed (8/2015)
VASpringfieldSpringfield Mall Cinemas 10screen 1; from THX web site; closed as of early 2008
WABellevueCrossroads Theatrescreen 1; from THX web site
WALynnwoodAlderwood Cinema 7screen 1 and 2; from THX web site
WALynnwoodGrand Cinemas5 out of 8 auditoria
WAMarysvilleBob Leader Screening RoomPrivate screening room with 75 seats, 4x Norelco AA-IIs, single-motor version, 2x modified for large film magazines to take up to 34" diameter reels, DTS, SRD, SDDS, and mag, 23' screen with 19 Altec loudspeakers
WAOlympiaCapitol Theatre 
WARentonRenton Village Cinemascreen 4; from THX web site
WASeattleCineramanewly remodeled by Paul Allen. 56 speakers. Seats 750.; Kinoton FP75E (primary) and Norelco AAII (backup); DTS70 and mag; LE/RE, 28-30x68-foot screen; 90-100-foot throw
WASeattleCrest 4formerly, at least one 70mm auditorium; now a discount house with no 70mm capability
WASeattleEgyptianDLP now installed; one Norelco with platter will remain for occasional use; Two Norelco AAII's
WASeattleGuild 45th 2Norelcos removed as of 10/9/2012 and replaced with 2K DLP; formerly 2x 70mm auditoria; Norelco AA-IIs; Hamlet ran in both theatres a few years back
WASeattleKing Cat Theatre (former GCC King Cinema)now closed and demolished on 4/6-4/7/2013;rarely shows films; no longer 70mm equipped as of 9/2012
WASeattleNorthgate Theatrenow closed
WASeattleOak Tree Cinemas 7screen 3; from THX web site
WASeattleUA 150now closed and demolished
WASeattleUA 70now closed and demolished
WASeattleUptown 3at least one 70mm auditorium
WATacomaGCC Lincoln Plaza 8 Cinemascreen 4; from THX web site; now closed; screen 4 was THX and played The Abyss and Last Emperor in 70mm
WATacomaLoews Cineplex Tacoma Mall Twinnow closed; screen #1 is 70mm-capable and has DTS digital; #2 is Dolby Stereo only; used to be one big house, but split into 2 in late 60s/early 70s; last 70mm show was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade; also has shown in 70mm: Empire Strikes Back, Brainstorm, 2010, Top Gun, Clan of the Cave Bear, Aliens, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
WATacomaLoews Cineplex Tacoma South Cinemasnow closed; screen #1 played in 70mm: Ghostbusters, Top Gun (2nd run from Tacoma Mall Twin), Aliens (ditto) Last Crusade (ditto), Sound of Music (as part of a matinee series)
WATacomaRialto Theatrenow a multi purpose performing arts center; played Empire Strikes Back in 70mm
WATacomaTemple TheatreAs a 2nd run house played Apocalypse Now, Dune, 2010 in 70mm
WATukwilaLewis and Clark 7at least one 70mm auditorium
WATukwilaSouthcenter Theatrenow closed and demolished; near Seattle
WIMilwaukeeBrownportnow closed; Norelco
WIMilwaukeeMayfairnow closed; Century JJ
WIMilwaukeeNorthtown Cinemanow closed; Century JJ
WIMilwaukeeSouthgatenow closed; Century JJ
WIMilwaukeeSouthtownnow closed; Century JJ
WIMilwaukeeSpringmallnow closed; Norelco (moved from Brownport after twinning)
WIMilwaukeeWestownnow closed; Century JJ
WIMilwaukeeWestpointnow closed; Century JJ
WVSouth CharlstonMarquis 
WYCasperAmerica Theatrescreen 1; Norelco AA-II, Ultra-Stereo 70mm processor with 6 track discrete, "A"" and "SR" noise reduction, DTS-6 and SDDS-8; now (Jul 2004) completely remodeled interior with full stadium seating; Booth got upgrades with a new Panastereo Processor, Panastereo EX decoder,Panastereo mag preamps. DTS 6D 70mm capable and has run many 70mm films. All new Isco Ultra Star lenses. Kept DP-70, Christie SLC lamphouse and AW-3 platter, Full frontal baffle wall also installed with JBL 5674 screen speakers tri amped, 24 JBL 8330 surrounds in proper EX configuration. All QSC power amps. This theatre is a mind blower!!
WYCasperFox Triplexall three screens
WYCasperIris Stadium 8opening May 2001; all eight screens!; #1 has LE/RE
WYCasperRialto Theatre 
WYCheyanneLincoln Theatrescreen 1
WYCheyanneunnamed - to open Feb. 2005run by the folks in Casper, WY withall the other DP-70's. Building is under construction right now. 12 screens all DP-70's (we are rebuilding them right now), Panastereo Processors, DTS XD-10's so all will be 70mm capable. AW-3's
WYCheyenneFrontier 6 Theatrescreen 6; from THX web site

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